Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Objective for the Week

It is in the middle of the week and I am still struggling with my serve, my timing for spiking, and also the court movement. In the practice today, when we are practicing spiking, my spike wasn't so good, and so I ask my brother (Adam) and Mr. T (My Coach) what I could be doing wrong, and he tells me that I am going in for the same position every time and expecting the ball to be there. They told me that I need to look at where the ball is going, time it, and jump with the ball in front of me so I can hit it.
They also told me that it is all about my mind set on the things happening in court, how I need to work on not caring about the error, but to care about not doing it again. I hope for the game tomorrow and for the tournament this weekend I would improve on my mind sets also the timing and the positioning when I was spiking. Really hope we would do well in the games.

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